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Nutrition & Weight Loss

Do you feel like your chances of losing weight are slim to none?   Did you know that NC4YOU products could help you increase your odds and help maximize your body's performance as you diet and exercise?   Banishing body fat, eliminating cravings, maximizing energy and getting a radiant glow is effortless when you incorporate NC4YOU products into your daily health & fitness routine ...

Are You a Member of the Breakfast Club?

It’s the first meal of the day AND the most important one

Here is why eating breakfast really matters, it can:

  • Aid in losing and maintaining weight
  • Raise metabolism as much as 10 percent
  • Restore sugar levels after not eating all night
  • Help distribute calories throughout the day – helping to regulate appetite

Sure breakfast sounds like a good idea, but you are probably saying that you never have time to sit down and eat it.  Well, that is why so many people love making a Superfood shake for breakfast.  It is quick, easy & highly nutritious.*  

Superfood – Stressful lifestyles, pollutants and poor eating habits can rob our body of vital nutrients, making it even more difficult to reach our ideal weight.  Everyone needs a high quality source of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients.  Superfood is a fantastic way to deliver this to your body.  When we are hungry, our body is actually asking for nutrients and that is what whole foods provide.  Superfood is so concentrated with nutrients that it helps to stop hunger pains & cravings for the wrong  foods.  Superfood (powder form) makes a great meal replacement or take the capsules in between meals.*

In addition, eating foods that are alkaline, such as Superfood, tips our body’s balance from dangerously acidic to slightly above neutral.  Alkalinizing foods are the construction materials for good health.  When they get into our bloodstream, they begin to renew every cell in our body.  And within a week, your body will tell you how much it likes what is going on.  Your cravings will diminish, and your energy levels will skyrocket then you will see the benefit when you step on the scale.* 

Are You Getting Enough FIBER?

A healthy, well balanced diet should contain approximately 25-30 grams of fiber each day; the average American eats less than half of that.  Most likely a salad or two a day will not meet the daily required grams of fiber – even if the salad is full of vegetables.  Whether a salad or two a day is enough truly depends on what the salad contains.  For example one cup of iceberg lettuce contains only 8 grams per cup.  You would have to consume 35 cups of lettuce to obtain 25 grams of fiber.  One-half cup of raw broccoli contains 4 grams of fiber.  You would have to eat over 3 cups of broccoli a day to meet the recommended 25 grams of fiber.  Everyone can benefit greatly by taking the Daily Fiber Blend because it offers 9 grams of fiber per serving; making it easier for the average adult to meet the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber a day.  So, getting a variety of high quality fiber, such as a serving of Daily Fiber Blend and a vegetable packed salad, offers greater health and weight loss advantages.  Another important fact, fiber also lowers your overall fat absorption and flushes it from the system.*

New Life Colon Program – If we do not have a clean and toxin free digestive system, we may never see the benefits of all the good nutrition we put into your body.  The New Life Colon Programis a perfect way to get your digestive system clean and healthy.  Researchers have found that fiber can create a sense of fullness and reduce hunger between meals - another added benefit of the Daily Fiber Blend.*

Other NC4YOU Products That Support Weight Loss …

Lifetonic Ultra – the herbs contained in this tonic are historically known to increase ATP enzyme activity.  ATP is a chemical found in the cells that “consumes energy” by regulating the body’s “cellular sodium / potassium pump mechanism”.  ATP, in fact, can consume as much as 50% of the body’s caloric expenditure in regulating the proper sodium / potassium ratio. There are two ways to increase ATP activity.  One is through regular aerobic exercise; ATP activity is frequently deficient in inactive people, but better in those that exercise.  Two, is through the intake of low sodium / high potassium foods or supplements.  Lifetonic Ultra is a perfect low sodium / high potassium supplement and will support weight loss while giving your body the nutritional balance it craves.*

Fulvic Factor – the unique benefits of Shilajit on the body:  helps support balanced blood sugar levels, increases energy, decreases body fat, increases lean body muscle, increases growth hormone, and dramatically increases the absorption of herbs, vitamins, phyto-nutrients and minerals into the body.* 

LifeZyme Plus – It’s been clinically proven that most people that are overweight are low on lipase within the body.  The correct amount of lipase will help many people with fat digestion, assisting with weight problems.  Lifezyme Plus enzymes help you assimilate foods, which in turn may help you maintain proper body weight.* 

Penta Concentrate – This product is commonly known to balance, support and maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels within normal range, but it also inhibits the body from turning excess sugar into fat.  It’s been nick named “The Fat Buster”.  When dieting some hit a plateau and this has been known to help break it.*

Weight Loss Success Stories …

“Six months ago I began taking Superfood twice a day and LifeZyme Plus enzymes with every meal and noticed that my cravings for the wrong foods went away.  It then became easier to eat properly and to cut unhealthy foods from our daily meals.  Since that time I have lost 25 pounds and I have so much energy and feel great!  People are always coming up and asking me what I am doing?  I tell them, “It’s Superfood and Lifezyme Plus; these two products are a must in everyone’s health program!” Myrna, OR*

“Not too long ago I was feeling like I had a fog kind of thing happening in my brain and I just wasn’t feeling as good as I should be so I ordered the New Life Colon Program.  I followed the program and began to feel much better; the fog lifted and I had more energy.  The side benefit to this was that I lost 8 pounds and so that inspired me and gave me a jump start to lose weight.  I believe that the New Life Colon Program is the best place to start if you want to lose some weight.”  Kathy, OR*

“One of the first products I started with was the Lifetonic Ultra.  This product made a huge difference in regards to the seasonal allergies I was experiencing and gave me a lift in my energy levels.  Shortly after that I added the Superfood and I noticed that my cravings for carbs went away.  Then I added the Fulvic Factor into my health program and watch out!  With those three products I am full of energy and I noticed that I lost about 10 pounds without trying, which was an added benefit I wasn’t expecting!  I love these products!”  Stacey, OR*

*Disclaimer: These statements or testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been clinically proven or evaluated by the FDA.

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